History of company

Ing. Bodendorfer has worked for the following companies:

  • KSB- pumps, Frankenthal, in the construction and after sale service for refinery pumps.
  • PACIFIC mech. seals: sale for the south of Germany
  • EGGER Switzerland construction of TURO pump and mech. seal program for TURO- pumps
  • SULZER pumps Germany: After sale service
  • ESSO Refinery Karlsruhe: rotating equipment specialist

1979: Engineering Office Bodendorfer, started with tests about pressure units for double    mechanical seals.
1981: Nomination to an german Expert by IHK-Karlsruhe for pumps, mech. seals and machinery-vibration
1983: Foundation of bodendorfer dichtungstechnik GmbH in Bietigheim, Germany and sale of the first central pressures unit to BASF Ludwigshafen. Now  there are connected more than 4000 double mech. seals to about 400 pressure units.